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The terms and conditions are the terms on which Greenlea offers you access to the
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These terms and conditions may be amended in whole or in part by Greenlea at any
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You can sign up to our supplier portal by navigating to the signup page by clicking on the
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Greenlea representative will check your details and will get in touch with you once your
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service provided by Greenlea but limited only to suppliers of livestock to Greenlea.

By signing up to our supplier portal you guarantee that you have provided complete,
accurate and current personal information when registering with Greenlea. You agree to
maintain and update your personal information held by Greenlea to ensure it is kept
current at all times. Greenlea may phone or Email you to verify these details.

Greenlea reserves the right to decline to register or to terminate your membership
without entering into further discussion with you. Greenlea may terminate your
membership if you breach these terms and conditions or if you impersonate another

You are responsible for keeping your login information, including your email address and
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You agree that Greenlea may collect your personal information (as defined in the Privacy
Act 1993) and use that information for any purpose in connection with Greenlea’s
business, including sending emails or other types of electronic messages relating to your
membership or that promote and market Greenlea’s products and services to you. We
refer you to the attached link to Greenlea’s Privacy Policy.


This Website is owned by Greenlea. As a result Greenlea owns all copyright and other
intellectual property rights in the Website (including text, graphics, logos, icons and
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keep all information contained within the membership site confidential.

Everything on our Website, unless otherwise stated, is subject to copyright owned by us.
You may also not in any form or by any means adapt, reproduce, republish, copy, store,
upload, post, distribute, perform, publish or create derivative works from any part of this
Website (except that you may download the material for your own personal, domestic
use only). You agree not to commercialise, copy or on sell any information, or items
obtained from any part of this Website. Unless otherwise acknowledged, Greenlea is the
owner of all trademarks reproduced in this information.


We will not disclose or share your data held in our system except:

(a) Where we are required by law to do so;
(b) To our subcontractors (including our hosting provider) or as otherwise reasonably
required to provide the service to you;
(c) To any person to whom we assign, or are proposing to assign, any of our rights
under these Terms;
(d) To the extent that it forms part of Aggregated Data and that Aggregated Data is
being disclosed or shared;
(e) As required to enable you to communicate, directly or indirectly, with third parties,
including where you elect to share your data.


Your data stored in our system will be hosted on our hosting provider's servers. We have
entered into appropriate arrangements requiring our hosting provider to keep your data
secure and confidential, we cannot guarantee that there will never be, and accordingly
will not be liable to you for, any unauthorised access to, or loss of, your data. All hosted
data is stored, backed up and domiciled in New Zealand and subject to New Zealand
data privacy laws.


“Aggregate data” refers to numerical or non-numerical information that is (1) collected
from multiple sources and/or on multiple measures, variables, or individuals and (2)
compiled into data summaries or summary reports, typically for the purposes of public
reporting or statistical analysis. For example only, this includes examining trends,
making comparisons, or revealing information and insights that would not be observable
when data elements are viewed in isolation.

We own all Intellectual Property arising from our creation of the Aggregated Data and in
the Aggregated Data itself. The following provisions apply to the use of Aggregated

(a) We may publish, disclose, provide, use, license, sell, distribute and exploit the
Aggregated Data in any form and in any manner.
(b) We will not publish, disclose or provide any Aggregated Data in a form where you or
your registered farms are specifically identified.
(c) We will also take reasonable steps to ensure that your data cannot readily be
identified in, or extracted from, the Aggregated Data.


Your individual animal kill data is available for you to download at any time. You may do
so by logging into the supplier portal and download the data using the link provided. The
data is only available in an industry standard CSV format.


Greenlea may facilitate the sharing of your kill data, subject to your consent, with third
parties via industry standard services, protocols and formats.


While we have been careful to ensure information and content (“Information”) of this
Website is accurate, we give no warranty (express or implied) as to the accuracy,
completeness or non-infringement of the Information. To the maximum extent permitted
by law, we expressly exclude all liability or responsibility to any person or persons for
direct or indirect loss or damage that may result from the use of this Website or from the
use of or reliance on any information, advice, opinion, representation, negligent or
otherwise, provided on or made available through this Website.

We reserve the right to terminate, discontinue or alter any or all of our Website services,
and to stop publishing our Website, at any time at our sole discretion without notice or
explanation. You will not be entitled to any compensation or other payment upon the
discontinuance or alteration of any Website services, or if we stop publishing the
Website. Our disclaimer and limitation of liability will survive such termination,
discontinuance or alteration.

Any sites linked to our Website are provided for your information and convenience only
and we make no representation or warranties concerning, any linked sites. The
information contained in any linked website represents solely the thoughts of the
author/s and is neither endorsed by us, nor does it necessarily reflect our beliefs. Any
sites linked to from the Website are not covered by these Terms and Conditions and you
should check the terms and conditions, and privacy policy, of any other site you visit.

Any dealings you have with third parties via our Website are your responsibility,
including where you provide access to your personal information to a third party (such as
providing access to your accountant to view and download your kill sheet).


These terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with
the laws of New Zealand and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of
New Zealand.


If you have any questions about this Website or these terms and conditions please feel
free to contact us by email: or phone: +64 7 957 8125.