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With involvement in the meat industry dating back to the 1930's and 35 years of farming experience, the Egan family has unrivaled knowledge in all aspects of this market, bringing you export quality beef products every time.

Focused on our export business, Greenlea Premier Meats New Zealand exports upwards of 90% of production each year with 300+ product specifications to more than 40 countries.

Greenlea supplies a full range of boneless and bone-in products from steer, bull, and cow. Our attention to detail and consistency of specification has earned Greenlea a reputation for quality it deserves. Our level of enquiry allows us to select customers for long-term relationships, working with partners to understand their market requirements. We aim to support these customers with product quality, reliable supply and exceptional service. It is the integrity of this offer that sets Greenlea apart.

All product is certified to meet Halal slaughtering standards for the respective markets serviced and always to the highest animal welfare standards. This, coupled with accurate logistics documentation and trace-back-to-farm-of-origin ability via carton barcodes see Greenlea produce premium consistent quality beef every time.

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I consider it a privilege to work with good people at the best meat company in NZ.
- Colin Wicken Sales Manager
I take great pride in our value of integrity as it is imperative for our customers to have absolute faith in Greenlea's people and products.
- Mike Goldfinch Sales & Marketing Manager
The One Team value is important to me because I feel like a valued member of the Greenlea family.
- Melina Lisignoli Export Documentation
Greenlea makes you feel part of the family from your first day, I really enjoy coming to work every day.
- Lindsey Burgess Export Documentation