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From the time cattle arrive on plant until product despatch, the processing teams are dedicated to make sure animal welfare, food safety and quality standards are maintained - if not exceeded every time.

Processing 52 weeks of the year at two locations, Greenlea Premier Meats aims to be processor of choice for farmers, as well as an employer of choice. Our modern meat processing facilities employ a team of highly skilled slaughter and boning staff, many with long service and strong family representation on staff.  For our dedicated packaging teams, product presentation and consistent quality are a key focus for our meat products.  

With a strong emphasis on productivity and innovation, Greenlea constantly invests in the latest processing technology to deliver better products and reduce the impact on our environment. Read more about our Sustainability Policy here. Our specialist Halal meat processing meets the strict processing standards for our Halal customers around the world.

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Interested in becoming a Greenlea supplier and enjoying the following benefits?:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced local livestock agents
  • Timely and comprehensive kill information
  • Modern, efficient plants
  • Consistency - we kill every week of the year
  • Tailgate processing available
  • Leading export meat suppliers, processing Prime / Bulls / Cows / Bobby Veal

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One of the greatest attributes Greenlea has is that it actively embraces innovation. This includes the incorporation of new technology as well as practising best industry standards.
- Ken Windleborn Group Maintenance Manager
Greenlea is a great company and treat you like one of the family.  I’ve been here since day one and proud to be still going strong and enjoying the family atmosphere.
- Keith Flockhart Quality Assurance Manager
I enjoy being part of a hard working, progressive company, who as a primary producer focus on processing cattle all year round, thus providing myself and staff with a stable income in such a variable industry. 
- Darryl Holmes Production Manager
At Greenlea we all take responsibility for quality and strive to be best in class by delivering excellence, continuous improvement and responding to the ever changing meat industry.  It is this responisbility that gives Greenlea soul.
- Terry McCarvill Technical Manager
Greenlea has a unique family culture , one of which I am very proud to be a part of. I feel privileged to work for and with such a motivated and diverse group of people.
- Aaron Craig Plant Manager
The team camaraderie and working together to get the job done make every day an enjoyable one at Greenlea.  
- Kelvin Donaghy Freezers Supervisor
Greenlea has helped provide me a path to a rewarding career in the meat industry.  It's great working for a company that support you in your achievements
- Nathan Rhind Boning Room Supervisor
I enjoy working for an innovative family owned company that give their workers freedom to do their jobs well, suggest improvements and help make them happen together.  With that, i'm sure the Greenlea and Egan legacy will continue on.  
- Tony Boyle (Goldie) Slaughter Supervisor
Greenlea is an innovative company who are prepared to invest in the latest technology which ensures that we keep ahead of the rest, whilst maintaining the excellent quality of our product that we produce.  
- Graham Green Operations Manager
Greenlea's value of integrity is important to me as it means that all our dealings are with mutual respect.   
- Leroy Heta Boner
It's great working for a company who ensure we take pride in what we do and do the best job we can, to do this we are supplied with the latest and best equipment to get the job done. 
- Daniel Solomon Prime Boning
Excellence and integrity are very important to me in everything I do at Greenlea.
- Pardeep Rahi Tripe room
I take pride in handling all cattle with care and respect, making sure that all stock that come to Greenlea are well branded and in good health is important to me and the team.
- Jade Hipango Stockyards
I can proudly say that I've worked for Greenlea since 1994. I hope I'm here for another 18 years or more!
- Pompi Paul Yardman