Register for Bobby Calf Processing in 2016

In 2013 Greenlea signalled our firm commitment to bobby calf processing with a purpose-built, $2 million, state-of-the-art bobby calf processing facility at our Morrinsville plant. Our first three seasons have been a tremendous success with over 100,000 calves processed last year. We have worked hard to provide you with exceptional service, and hope you will commit to Greenlea for your 2016 calves.

Auckland Meat Processors will continue to assist us with seasonal peak flows.

Place your orders for tags and flags by registering online. Beat the last minute rush now and get sound returns for your calves. 

If you would prefer to speak with your local agent or complete a paper registration for 2016 processing, contact your local livestock agent for more details.

The friendly atmosphere and being part of a team is what makes working at Greenlea special
- Candice Simpson Livestock Customer Services
I love that Greenlea is a family owned business and that they know who their staff are on a personal basis.
- Teresa Marshall Livestock Customer Services
Greenlea is a family owned company which goes out of its way to make you feel part of the team.
- Darrin Baucke Livestock Transport Coordinator
From it's owners to it staff, everybody pulls in the same direction, Greenlea is a true team that values every link in the chain.  Together we are proud of what we achieve.
- Bruce Mudgway Procurement Manager