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Greenlea doesn't aspire to be the biggest, but it does aim to be the best and most progressive. With a big heart, from its owners to its staff, everybody at Greenlea has the same vision.

Greenlea has a small team of dedicated, enthusiastic livestock agents focused on delivering the very best customer service. We are committed to suppling the best options available when marketing killable livestock or sourcing replacement store stock.

Our experienced team have strengths in all aspects of the livestock industry from prime beef to boner cows, from bull calves to dairy herds. This knowledge and flexibility enables our livestock agents to more easily accommodate your specific requests. 

Servicing suppliers in the greater North Island, Greenlea process livestock every week of the year, to maintain a supply of quality product to the market in New Zealand and for export. This consistent production, year round, allows Greenlea to offer top beef prices and service to our suppliers, from large farm businesses to lifestyle farms.

Greenlea’s commitment to supplier service, quality and supply-chain excellence will have you hooked.

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The friendly atmosphere and being part of a team is what makes working at Greenlea special
- Candice Simpson Livestock Customer Services
I love that Greenlea is a family owned business and that they know who their staff are on a personal basis.
- Teresa Marshall Livestock Customer Services
Greenlea is a family owned company which goes out of its way to make you feel part of the team.
- Darrin Baucke Livestock Transport Coordinator
From it's owners to it staff, everybody pulls in the same direction, Greenlea is a true team that values every link in the chain.  Together we are proud of what we achieve.
- Bruce Mudgway Procurement Manager